From the recording After The Flood

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It's dark in here
The walls are closing in
I struck my last match
Let it burn down til it bit
My fingertips
I remember the light
Just a flash and then an ember
And a whisper of smoke
Curling up through the air
And disappearing

It's dark in here
The air is getting thin
My canary sang it's last song
A pretty little tune that echoes
On and on and on inside my ear
It was a song of hope
A song of redemption
And that little yellow bird
With his last dying word
He sang forgiveness

I'm sorry that I spent our time
Hiding underground
But something always
Pulls me down here
This familiar
Deep dark cavern
Keep repeating
The same patterns
You above
And me below
I say goodbye
Before I go
With my last breath
At last, I see
The light

Chris's most recent album - After The Flood is a collection of songs full of heart from a seasoned and skilled craftsman mining life’s subject matter – family, work, love and love lost, childhood memories, and finding one’s place in the universe.

PRODUCED, ENGINEERED AND MASTERED by Doug Kwartler at Hollow Body Studios
Chelmsford, MA