From the recording After The Flood

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She walks on a wire way up in the air
With no safety net, no room for missteps
She's the lady, on the high wire
She dresses the kids, takes them to school
Her husband's a lawyer, expects her to follow the rules
On the high wire

The cut of the cable she feels on her feet
The beam of the spotlight, her pounding heartbeat
She's the lady, on the high wire
As she walks down the avenue, in her high heel shoes
She tries to ignore random men proposition rendezvous
On the high wire

Everyone's watching and waiting for her to fall
She takes a deep breath and clutches to her parasol
And the wire's getting thinner and thinner and longer each day
There's no deviation from the path that's been put in her way

The smell of the elephants, the roar of the crowd
She pulls off a somersault as they gasp out loud
She's the lady, on the high wire
The matrons who lunch at the club on the green
Smile plastic smiles and whisper cruel things
Of the lady, on the high wire

There's no one to talk to except for these clowns
Who keep spinning in place and then they fall down
They know nothing of balance or poise or grace
They wear too much rouge and laugh in the face
Of the lady, on the high wire

And just like a bird on a wire
She smiles down at the sideshow choir
And the ringmaster she'll never please
She makes her escape on the flying trapeze

Chris's most recent album - After The Flood is a collection of songs full of heart from a seasoned and skilled craftsman mining life’s subject matter – family, work, love and love lost, childhood memories, and finding one’s place in the universe.

PRODUCED, ENGINEERED AND MASTERED by Doug Kwartler at Hollow Body Studios
Chelmsford, MA