1. Yellow

From the recording After The Flood

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This yellow isn't bright enough
You were brighter
This green isn't deep enough
The grief is deeper
Colors on a canvas
There are no words
Pain took my breath away
My chest hurts

Smell of the turpentine
Linseed oil
A figure emerges
Of my little girl
Blue into purple
Then fade to black
Things I should have said
Things I can't take back

Gone too fast
God has cheated me
Of my apologies
I'll try to meet you
In my muse's world
Where the colors swirl
Yellow painted girl

This yellow isn't bright enough
You were brighter ...

Chris's most recent album - After The Flood is a collection of songs full of heart from a seasoned and skilled craftsman mining life’s subject matter – family, work, love and love lost, childhood memories, and finding one’s place in the universe.

PRODUCED, ENGINEERED AND MASTERED by Doug Kwartler at Hollow Body Studios
Chelmsford, MA hollowbodystudios.com