Throwing Good Love After Bad

words & music by Chris LaVancher © 2018 BMI

Another night. Another bar stool.
Another man. Another bed.
Another empty, vacant morning.
Another hurt that goes unsaid.

It echoes through her heart and shakes her to her bones
The thought of all the things she’s never had
She ain’t getting’ younger
The yearning never ends
She keeps on throwing good love after bad

Another day. Another dollar.
Another cup. Another plate.
Another nearly empty tip jar.
Another shift that goes so late.

She could’ve been a dancer, but her dreams have all gone dry
And sometimes late at night, it drives her mad.
She’s filling empty spaces
With most any man she can
She keeps on throwing good love after bad.

I’ve been her shoulder
Once or twice I’ve paid her debts
Guess I could love her
If she weren’t such a wreck


Another trucker. Another wink of her eye.
Another slice of cherry pie.
Another ache as I watch her flirting
Another predictable good-bye

The days turn into years as I stand behind this grill
And sure as the sun’s gonna rise, she’ll clock in sad
I could take her hand
And be the better man
But I’d be throwing good love after bad.