Keep On Dancing

words & music by Chris LaVancher © 2012

You know my love I don’t dance very well.
That was made clear from the start.
Your toes got bruised on our wedding day.
But I hope I took care for your heart.
Though many years have passed since then,
My footwork has never improved.

But we’ll keep on dancing,
Although it’s not pretty sometimes.
With my two left feet
And your sense of rhythm,
It’s a wonder we ever get by.
But we’ll keep on dancing together
For the rest of our lives.

Sometimes we do-se-do round one another
Brushing our teeth late at night.
And sometimes in the mirror I’ll see the reflection
Of the lovers we were once before.
Though some of that fire has burned itself out,
We’ll dance barefoot through the coals.

Yes we’ll keep on dancing …

Sometimes it’s a tango with blood on our lips
From the rose we keep clenched in our mouths.
And sometimes it’s a slow dance with my arms in your arms
While we’re watching the kids in their beds.
And it’s times like these that I know for sure,
I picked the right partner that night.

And we’ll keep on dancing …