Bus Ride West

words & music by Chris LaVancher © 2012

I’m traveling west on a Greyhound
As far as my money will go.
I hope that this dog is a good one
‘Cause I’m so far away from my home.
My head’s pressed up to the window.
And I can feel a vibration inside
Of tires clicking on pavement
As mile after mile goes by

I’m going away, don’t know where I’m bound.
There’s a whole lot of country to see.
I’m going away, and I aint lookin’ back
All that I know is I’m free
And this world aint got nothin’ on me.

Some folks would say that I’m runnin’ away
But they just don’t understand
How I could leave such a great opportunity
To be just like my old man.
That’s not my life and it never will be
Not a desk, not a tie, not a suit
My dreams are wilder my heart is softer
My path is less absolute

repeat Chorus:

Well I aint got a whole lot of answers
I coulda made much better plans
But sometimes you just have to take a leap
And trust where you happen to land

We’re west bound on interstate 30 now
Just outside of Little Rock
This ticket will get me to Dallas
Any further and I’ll have to walk
These Arkansas towns just roll on by
Past Benton, past Malvern, past Hope
My dad always said I was beyond hope
The truest words he ever spoke

repeat Chorus: