Folks I Like!

Share the love!!!!  Here are some links to folks that either contributed to my music in someway – be it direct or influential – or folks who I think are really cool and you might too!

John Sonntag – not just a great side-guy, but a fantastic songwriter/performer on his own!
Ken Bonfield – Amazing instrumental guitarist, teacher and friend.
Jack Williams – One of the greatest singer/songwriters, guitarist and performers working today.  He’s an inspiration, great mentor and friend.  If you don’t know him, go check him out NOW!
Still On The Hill – We met Donna and Kelly at a songwriting retreat down in Arkansas, they too are amazing and you should have their music!  Go NOW.
Jake Armerding –  The fiddle player on my record and is a GREAT singer/songwriter.  You should own some of his music.
John Curtis – Played guitar and various other stringed instruments on my record.
Paul Kochanski – Played bass on my record and is a founding member of the Swinging Steaks!
Daniel Boling – Another fabulous singer/songwriter we met down in Arkansas.  Great songs and great performer.
Tom Willner – A good friend from high school and a fabulous muscian, singer/songwriter with a great life story … definitely check him out!
Hannah’s Whirl –  Another Arkansas connection!  Paul and Tami are a great duo from Florida and are two really great friends.  Check our their music as well!

Music Studios
Tom Eaton – Universal Noise Storage.  Tom produced, engineered and mastered my CD.  If you like my record, a lot of what you like came from Tom.  He’s the greatest!
Thunder Pumpkin Recording – My buddy John Sonntag’s studio in Lambertville NJ.  John will make you sound good!
Hollow Body Studios – Classic sound, proven success, legendary gear & reasonable rates for the working songwriter/musician.  Great little studio in Chelmsford MA run by the fabulous Doug Kwartler!

Graphic Design
Abby Getman – Created the wonderful design for my CD.  Terrific talent and fun to work with!

John Harvey – Good friend, great photographer and heck of a nice guy.  He did many of the photos on this site as well as the cover for the CD!
Dan Tappan – check out Dan’s amazing collection of Folk performance photos he’s taken over the years!
Vintage Roadside – Jeff and Kelly travel the back roads photographing and collecting memorabilia from roadside attractions and more.  They are also quite serious historians.  Check out their site and buy some of their stuff!  They contributed a few photos for the CD!

Music Blogs
Red Line Roots – wonderful resource to discover new independent Americana/Roots/Folk music!  Especially those artists in the Boston/New England region.